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Name Signature Designation NOTE TO ALL ESCos application form. Eskom may request additional information during its tender evaluation process. Doc No. SAF Eskom Holdings Limited ESCo Application Form Date Jun 2011 Page 1 Rev. 21 of 10 This application form must be completed by suppliers in order to register suppliers on the Eskom Holdings Limited vendor management system. In order for your application to be processed the following documentation MUST accompany this form failing which your...
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Hello everyone today we are going to learn about data access sets in or a plot run what is data access let's first assume we are in 11i when you need to consult if you have multiple edges and you need to consolidate data across ledger or if you want to open periods what we do today in love and I instance is you go to each and every ledger open the period or close the period or if you want to do account inquiry you go to the particular ledger and then our setup book for that matter in level nine and then individually you have to do account enquiry or run some reports from that SATA book but in art well we have a new feature where if there are water one lecture and they share the same chart of our own structure and the calendar then we can combine those Ledger's into a data access set by which you can assign that value to a responsibility and when you login with that responsibility and access data for example you should be seeing data from those two Ledger's for example or you can open or close piglets across those two lectures so this will save us time especially during the month end and it is of less maintenance so now let us see how we created it access it lets go to a responsibility GL SSgA user setup financials it accesses we have just created already for you so I'm just going to query those values so like newspaper so we created a data access set my name of SS ledger data access set and in that what we have configured we have selected a column structure the calendar and if we see the access type you have full ledger what do you mean by full ledger is you need created access set with full ledger you'll be able to access all the values under that ledger but when you select balancing segment value and if you specify specific segment values on the balancing segment then you should be able to only select and see only those segment values when you create a journal or when you're running some reports management segment are you manual segment is a new segment qualified in natural and you can also restrict an access of a person when they accessing through a responsibility to only restrict access to those management segment values say suppose you're assigned management segment of qualifier to a cost center segment which is also acting as the management segment value and if you specify certain values under this data access said then the user can only see data for those management signal values let us see one by one how we configure them so for full ledger access you select the full ledger access and then select the multiple edges which is sharing the same accounting structure and the calendar and you enable the all values and privileges you give freedom right so that they have full privilege of creating a journal or open/close pyrius everything they can do across these two edges but just by creating data accessart you do not have any impact actually we have to assign these it access it to a responsibility to profile and assign them to a profile value...
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